Bluford GEB - March 27, 2006 - Letter to Supt. Ables

Bluford, Illinois - Unaddressed concerns for new terminal.pdf 45MB file (large file)

Bluford, Illinois - Photos taken May 5, 2006.pdf

CN notice to employees about labor protection with UP trackage rights.pdf

Engineer Certification Changes (effective Jan. 07, 2000).pdf file

EJ & E Acquisition and Trackage Rights Documents Links Page

FRA Drug and Alcohol Testing Information.pdf

FRA Federal Rail Safety Program - Historic Background.pdf  Added 11/26/2012

FRA - Human Factors - Final Rule Overview.pdf

FRA Post Accident Testing Flow Chart.pdf

Fulton Flop House Letter -  Microsoft Word Document - 4786 KB   -  Note, this is a very large document

    Hospitality House Amenities - Adobe PDF file

    Hyperlink to Hospitality House Web Site

Locomotive Inspection Form  .pdf

Map of Fulton Yard - HTML document

Map of Fulton Yard - Microsoft Word Document

National Railroad Adjustment Board - Uniform Rules of Proceedure.pdf_969KB

New York Dock - control - Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal.pdf

New York Dock - fact or fiction

Norfolk and Western Ry. Co.–Trackage Rights–BN, 354 I.C.C. 605 (1978) Protection Decision

STB Docket 33556 - 29479 EB CN-IC Merger.pdf

STB Document #33138 - UP Trackage Rights.pdf

STB 214106 - UP application for trackage rights exemption -  Kinmundy to Laclede.pdf

STB Docket 37747_BNSF_trackage_rights_exemption.pdf

STB Docket 37748_Protective_Order_trk_rights_BNSF.pdf

STB 49 CFR Part 1021.2 Enfrocement claims and debtors.PDF

49cfr1180.1-Merger and track right protection part e.pdf

49 u.s.c. 11326(a) Employee Protection - Trackager Rights.htm

Title 49 244.21 Compliance and Enforcement.doc

Title 49 244.21 Compliance and Enforcement.pdf

I.C. C. Finance Docket #28256 - Mendocino Coast Railway Inc. - Lease and Operate - California Western Railway.pdf Protection Decision

Whole body vibration - repetitive trauma seminar. PDF


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