Welcome to OLD RAILS and NEW TIES. Last year we had very good turnouts at the VFW. We are in discussion with the VFW for the final lunch of the year, Nov. 13, 2009. The VFW is located on Edgebrook Drive, just behind Home Depot. Price for the lunch should be around $7.50. Bar-B-Que Pork is the main entree. I will let you know what else is on the menu with the meal, when I found out myself.

I was also told that Arrowhead Bowling Alley has a large room, as well as a restaurant. We can talk about future meals and lunch location for next years lunches.

We will be having our lunches at 1130 am starting on July 17, 2009.

Here are the following dates:

Nov 13, 2009

We are again asking for $2.00 per person to help pay for the expenses that come up for postage and gratuity.

We still meet for coffee at Hardees on S. Neil, Champaign between 7:00 and 8:00 every Tuesday morning.

 The OLD RAILS was organized September 1985. Beulah Etchason did a very good job getting it organized. The others followed: Jack & Shirley Roughton, Ernie & Sue Mossberger, Kenny Barham, Charles Sandstedt, Ed Thompson and Merle Metz. I wanted to keep this going so, I volunteered.

If you have an e-mail address please sent it to me at jackslider@yahoo.com

or huddle602@mchsi.com Any questions call me at 217-493-5902 or 217-762-4902. I will give you a reminder call a few days before the event.


Jack L. Huddleston, Jr.

13 Burdette Ct.

Monticello, Ill 61856-2100