Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 10:25 AM
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March 27, 2006


C. W. Ables                                             CERTIFIED MAIL 7005 1160 0001 7390 1748

Superintendent                                         RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED

Canadian National Railroad                    CONTAINS PAGES 1-5

2905 N. Oak St.

Urbana, IL, 61801


Dear Sir,


I write in regard to the joint allocation meeting conducted at 10AM at the Champaign yard office on March 24, 2006. In reference to a new GEB being established at Bluford, both the BLE&T and the UTU voiced the same sentiments. For your reference and as I at the meeting for you, I will include the same excerpt from our BLE&T contract with regard to source of supply, District 5, as illustrated below;




Seniority District 5

Champaign, Decatur, Mattoon and Effingham down to but not including Centralia and Bluford; and up to but not including Paxton.




Other service locations included on this District are Clinton, Farmersville, Heyworth, Springfield, Peoria, Elwin, Newton and Edgewood.




Zone No.


Extra Board Location(s) & Source of Supply Point(s)










·                         ·         Assignments originating up to but excluding Paxton and down to but excluding Mattoon.









                                                   Page 2




·                        ·         Including Peoria - IC Junction to Mattoon, including Elwin; excluding Mattoon;

·                        ·         Gilman to Farmersville; Including Clinton to Heyworth, excluding Gilman.










·                   ·         Assignments originating at or between Mattoon and Centralia, excluding Centralia.

·                   ·          Assignments originating at or between Effingham and Bluford; excluding Bluford.

·                   ·         Effingham District, Effingham to Inrd Junction.



A contractual basis is already present for distribution of extra work Bluford north, which belongs to Seniority District 5, Zone 3. These same criteria are established for the provision of extra work Bluford south, which belongs to Seniority District 6, Zone 3. In summary and as stated at this meeting the carrier is establishing the Bluford GEB with no known assignments to protect, over the objections and concerns of both organizations and with the intent to willfully violate our existing agreement.


I also requested lodging at both terminals during this transitional period for our members on the regular assignments. It was my hope that the carrier would cooperate and likewise respond in good faith as we would too. Subsequently, everything was denied by Superintendent Ables.


I want to further state that this BLE&T local chairman does not agree with the home terminal facilities at Bluford presently available for our members. I supplied the carrier with an excerpt from our contract but I will include another list of our concerns for your review. It is as follows;


E.    Except as otherwise agreed, changes will not be made in reporting and relief points until suitable wash and locker room facilities have been provided.  Wash, locker, toilet facilities and hot and cold running water will be provided for Engineers on all assignments.

                                                                                                                Page 3


NOTE***  Bluford does not have the following;


1. No Shower or eye wash station

2. No T & E lockers

3. Hot water? Who is responsible for Heat & A/C maintenance?

4. Storage area (Miscellaneous boxes of assorted MofW items in back room)

5. Insufficient supplies and nobody to maintain neither fax, printer nor re-supply

6. Who is responsible for removing snow, ice, spreading salt and sand?

7. Are these individuals available on a 24 hour basis and who are they?

8. Who is responsible for the parking area?

9. Who is responsible for Bluford lighting?

10. First Aid Kit?

11. Incomplete Bulletin Board

12. No hand sanitizer for multiple users of the lone computer terminal

13. Wind Sock?

14. Emergency Plan?


The carrier did defer responsibility for the Bluford yard office to various individuals by name with incomplete contact data and defining their specific duties. These individuals and their function need to be readily available at Bluford for anyone using this presently deficient facility. Until these concerns are rectified the carrier will be in violation of Article 14-E and we will not be in agreement.


During this meeting Superintendent Ables pointed out the carrier had access to mileage computations for assorted assignments over the past 2 years. I furnished Mr. Ables with an excerpt from our BLE&T contract denoting preference of work Seniority District 5, Zone 3 to which you said you were aware of these stipulations. In as much as the carrier has admitted knowledge and their ability to access computer computations reflecting inequities between seniority districts, I request comparable computations for inequities born by the District 6 GEB regarding work performed in District 5 while in violation of the source of supply Seniority District 5 work as defined within our current contract.


It was a given fact that all management present at this meeting were aware of proper source of supply protocol and did not request additional clarification of our contract document excerpt. Therefore, having presented this information to Superintendent Ables with carrier Labor Relations officer Anderson present, SLE Grigsby present and Transportation Superintendent Peck listening via conference telephone there should be no reason to violate District 5 source of supply again without the carrier bearing the brunt of these contract violations.


On March 21, 2006 I E-mailed Superintendent Ables and received no response from this correspondence. In the event you should you have not received it reads as follows;



                                                                                                       Page No. 4


March 21, 2006


Mr. Ables,


I write in regard to your telephone conversation today at approximately 3:30PM where you informed me of some of the contemplated assignment changes. First, I want to thank you for asking how my recuperation was progressing. And I want to thank you for being upfront about these changes prior to any bulletins being issued.


In regard to the job changes for assignments running between Chicago, Bluford or Centralia. I stated that any such assignments equity of work due was solely between seniority Districts 4 & 5. A subsequent conversation between the affected BLE&T local chairman, my general chairman and myself, have all reiterated this same fact to this carrier's management.


Your reference to the assignments in question Q194, Q195, M342 & M343 contained no details of the assignment bulletins. During our conversation I did suggest that equity issues be resolved between District 4 &5 prior to inception. I would be remiss if I did not state that you dismissed District 5 equity and insisted upon District 6 at each juncture of our conversation. In light of your insistence of preference of work being given to District 6, please note the following;


1. Penalty time claims will be submitted for any District 5 engineer that is prohibited from making a seniority move to these future assignments


2. Penalty time claims will be submitted when a District 6 engineer is used in preference to a District 5 engineer on all these future assignments


3. Penalty time claims will be submitted for engineers adversely affected account of these assignment changes


In the interim I trust you will provide me with the conditions of these assignments when you have the details. Given due consideration that the carrier has been notified that these assignments are being incorrectly applied at inception, I request that the carrier provide our organization with a daily list of the District 5 engineers that are due payment as stated above in items 1-3. Your cooperation should alleviate duplicate penalty claims and your concurrence should aid in a more timely payment method for District 5 engineers. I will thank you in advance for cooperation and if I may be of assistance do not hesitate to ask.


A. G. Rapp

Local Chairman, BLE&T Div. 602

Champaign, IL


Cc Koonce

Cc Anderson

                                                                                                                             Page No. 5


Cc Bierman

Cc Marshall

Cc Whitchurch

Cc Sparrow

Cc VLC's, Div. 602

Cc File


It is my understanding that item (1) has been resolved but I will withhold being in agreement until I have read the final bulletins. The carrier conveyed their urgency to ready assignment bulletins for the CATS system by early afternoon on Friday the 24th. As of today March 27, 2006, the date of this letter and at the time of my writing, there are still no bulletins posted in the CATS system.


 In light of the carrier’s insistence on establishing a District 6 GEB at Bluford and readily admitting their intentions to violate Source of Supply, District 5, Zone 3 and Source of Supply, District 6, Zone 3, penalties will be submitted for any violations. My unanswered E-mail of 3-21-06 stated within paragraph 3 that part which reads, “preference of work being given to District 6”reference to items number 2 & 3 are still applicable with penalties for these violations. In as much as the carrier admitted knowledge of ongoing source of supply violations with regard to seniority district 5, penalties will continue to be submitted until corrected. I will thank you in advance for cooperation and if I may be of assistance do not hesitate to ask.





A. G. Rapp

Local Chairman

BLE&T Div. 602

401 Aspen Ct.

Saint Joseph, IL



Cc Koonce

Cc Anderson

Cc Bierman

Cc Whitchurch

Cc Sparrow

Cc VLC's, Div. 602

Cc File